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In the Netherlands identified 127 of the dead passengers of “Boeing”

Identification of the victims of the disaster may take several months. More than 200 experts continue working on the identification of victims of the ...

World markets hit the panic on the message of Kiev about the attack on the convoy of military equipment from Russia

Gas and oil, gold and yen are rising in price or at least sharply reduced the drop in value, while shares in Europe and the United States shifted from...

Russian oligarch demanded from the Kremlin compensation for the U.S. sanctions

The President of “Rosneft” (Russian Oil) Igor Sechin appealed to the Russian government asking for financial assistance. The need for such...

Australia has doubts about sincerity of Russian humanitarian mission

The Russian Federation which sent “humanitarian convoy” to Ukraine for improving the situation in Donbas, first of all should stop to put ...

The EU has calculated losses from import ban in Russia

The Kremlin banned half of all products that the EU exported to Russian market. Moscow banned the import half of all food and agricultural products, w...

Russia is preparing the second wave of sanctions in response

The Russian Federation is ready to go for introduction of protective measures in a number of industries. Russia is preparing the second package of mea...

Norway has imposed sanctions against Russia

Sanctions of Norway repeat the restrictive measures of the EU, also imposed a ban on the export to Russia products used in oil extraction. The Ministr...

The Muscovites direct to shops for the forbidden delicacies

“Grocery embargo” is a reciprocal step of Russia to countries which entered sanctions against it. This step made capital consumers to star...

Putin has forbidden import products from countries that have imposed sanctions

Products from the EU, the USA and Japan cannot be imported for a year Putin has forbidden import products from countries that have imposed sanctions. ...

Such a cute little Ukrainian patriotic girl

Today many parents bring a childrens to respect Ukraine.